Monday, March 19, 2012

Hello there!

My first blog entry around. I'm starting this blog to post some technical tricks I find out on my digital endeavours. It's going to be mostly programming oriented, along with regular computer problems occasionally, a little bit of small things, perhaps some bigger things down the line as I get more experience. Some things posted here may not be the most innovative out there. The main intention is to gather my personal experiences of solving various problems together. Hopefully this helps anyone. Well, anyway, it's enough for the first entry. Let the journey begin... 

Oh, and sorry in advance for any english inconsistencies. It's my second language, and although I consider myself being rather good at it writing, when I write a lot I may run into strange constructions which are not clearly understandable nor grammatically correct to the native speaker, just like this sentence. Sorry for that! 

So.. Take two! Let the journey begin..

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